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Even though plumbing is usually concealed behind walls, you'll sleep better knowing that it has been correctly installed and looks good. I thoroughly inspect work before leaving, ensuring that my customers and I both get our beauty sleep. With Pipe Dream Plumbing, your plumber always wears the latest in plumbing fashions and personal hair styling.


  Reduced Pressure Zone
Backflow Preventer

• 5-year rebuild
• Testing
• Replacement and installation

Other Backflow Prevention

• Pressure vacuum breakers
• Atmospheric vacuum breakers
• Dual check valves
• Dual check valves with atmospheric vent
• Barometric loops (ha! j/k)

Residential   Service & Repair

• Water heaters and boilers
• Water piping, waste piping
• Gas lines, toilet repairs
• Fixture replacement
• "Truth-in-Housing" compliance

Residential Remodeling

Fixture selection and replacement
Working with architects, designers, contractors, or homeowners
Bidets with heated seats and blow dryers (YOLO!)

Rainwater Leader Disconnections

• Roof and area drains
• Tie-ins to storm drains
• Bronze downspouts
• Core drilling

Commercial   Service & Repair

• Commercial water heaters
• Health code compliance
• PowerFlush and flushometer toilets
• Drain Cleaning

Build Outs

• Restaurants
• Spas and salons
• Office kitchens
• Breweries
• Handicap bathrooms

Irrigation Supply Plumbing

• New installs
• Backflow prevention
• Vacuum breakers and RPZs

  Thermostats & Radiators
Radiator and hot water heating systems are most efficient when room temperature remains constant. Keeping the temperature steady prevents over- or under-compensation, so that your boiler is working efficiently and you are more comfortable.

Cats in the Bathtub?
It’s tempting to let your cat drink from the faucet because it’s so darn cute, but continually letting water trickle out of fixtures can cause damage.