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Tom works with homeowners and businesses in the Minneapolis / St. Paul area.

Experienced, Conscientious & Neat
Pipe Dream Plumbing works with residential and commercial properties to maintain, repair and upgrade plumbing and fixtures. Urgent problems are responded to quickly and our rates are fair and ethical. Your property and privacy are always respected. I will leave your space in the same condition it was before service by cleaning up any work debris and using drop cloths and plastic tenting for dust containment. Tom Sidla has 10 years of experience. He won’t trash your house, your business, or your reputation.


Vintage, Modern, Whatever
Pipe Dream Plumbing takes pride in handling your modern or vintage fixtures with care and preserving the integrity of your home or business when restoring fixtures or making upgrades. I have extensive experience with older construction, from retrofitting to problem solving difficult issues that are common with older homes. Whether your taste is elegant and modern, kitchy or just plain bad, I will work to preserve the style of your home.

A Multidimensional Plumber
"What kind of plumber are you? Are you a plumber at the Large Hadron Collidor?"
-Tom Merritt, Executive Editor for CNET
Quote from B.O.L. Podcast #897
  Thermostats & Radiators
Radiator and hot water heating systems are most efficient when room temperature remains constant. Keeping the temperature steady prevents over- or under-compensation, so that your boiler is working efficiently and you are more comfortable.

Cats in the Bathtub?
It’s tempting to let your cat drink from the faucet because it’s so darn cute, but continually letting water trickle out of fixtures can cause damage.